Faul & Wad: Tokyo (feat. Vertue) (Spinnin’ Records) 2018 – music video
Faul & Wad return to Spinnin’ for their second release of the year, following up previous track ‘Wild Love’ with ‘Tokyo’ featuring fresh talent Vertue, providing their trademark uplifting sound once again. Artist: Faul & Wad

Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary 2019 – social

Celebrating 50 years of the Nissan GTR at with the 50th Anniversary Edition, unveiled at the New York International Auto Show. Nissan

Fiat x Reebok Classic x Chocomoo (SivanS) 2018 – cm & branded

Sneaker collaboration between Fiat, Reebok and popular Japan-based illustrator Chocomoo. Reebok

Ford Ranger Field Test – Australia (PRISM / GTB) 2017 – cm & brandedWorld-renowned Zoologist Adam Britton, wanted to drive 90-kilometers down the Adelaide river to monitor and catch a saltwater croc for the sake of advancing the Northern Territory’s research on the creature. Watch the rest of the series on Ford’s Youtube

Introducing the Nissan IMk concept, the ultimate urban EV commuter (Nissan) 2019 – comms

Nissan presents IMk, a concept car that combines chic design, cutting-edge technologies and powerful EV acceleration in a compact body to create the ‘ultimate urban commuter’. Nissan

Quintino: What What (Sony / Spinnin’ Records / YF Agency) 2017 – music video
A six parts, 13 minute movie called THE MAZE; follow the main character as he gets pulled further and further into The Maze which just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Watch the rest of the series on Spinnin’ Records

Augusta Camp (Apple Music / Ignition Creative) 2017 – documentary Short 25min. documentary about Augusta Camp, an annual music festival held in Japan near Mt. Fuji, with sweeping landscapes, vibrant performance footage, and narration from artists like Motohiro Hata, Masayoshi Yamazaki and Kyoko. It’s a glimpse into one of the country’s preeminent musical events. Watch the full version on Apple Music

Ken Matsuzaki: The Intangible Spirit (Goldmark) 2018 – documentary
The documentary tells the story of one of Japan’s most respected studio potters, Ken Matsuzaki. Set against the backdrop of his picturesque Mashiko studio in Japan, it gives a revealing insight into his creative journey and his philosophy on art and working practice. Born into an artistic family, Matsuzaki talks of his apprenticeship with National Living Treasure, Tatsuzo Shimaoka and the subsequent difficulties in finding his own voice. Ken Matsuzaki

LLLL (フォーエル): We are still in Love in my Dreams 2016 – music videoExperimental music video shot in Ikebukuro and Shibuya.
Presented by dos・ing; artist: LLLL(フォーエル)

Marry the Knob 2011 – short filmA hand fetish story.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
English language with English, Spanish and Chinese subtitles
Official selection Notodofilmfest X / British Student Festival 2012 – New Beginnings