Here’s a sneak peek of my work. Full list HERE

Fiat x Reebok CLASSIC x Chocomoo (SivanS) 2018 – cm & branded

Sneaker collaboration between Fiat, Reebok and popular Japan-based illustrator Chocomoo. Reebok

Director, Editor
Camera: Sony a7S II
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Ford Ranger Field Test – Australia (PRISM / GTB / Inundated Pictures) 2017 – cm & brandedWorld-renowned Zoologist Adam Britton, wanted to drive 90-kilometers down the Adelaide river to monitor and catch a saltwater croc for the sake of advancing the Northern Territory’s research on the creature. Ford

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Camera: Sony FS7 + Sony a7S II + GoPro Hero4 + DJI X5R
Location: Darwin, Australia

Quintino: Go Harder, Do or Die – Money ft. Henry Fong (Sony / Spinnin’ Records / YF Agency) 2017 – music video

or watch it on Spinnin’ Records
One of the six parts of a 13 minute movie called THE MAZE; follow the main character as he gets pulled further and further into The Maze which just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Artist: Quintino

Camera: RED Epic Dragon
Location: Saitama, Japan

Augusta Camp – trailer (Apple Music / Ignition Creative) 2017 – documentarywatch full version on Apple Music
Short documentary about Augusta Camp, an annual music festival held in Japan near Mt. Fuji, with sweeping landscapes, vibrant performance footage, and narration from artists like Motohiro Hata, Masayoshi Yamazaki and Kyoko. It’s a glimpse into one of the country’s preeminent musical events. Apple Music

Camera: Arri Amira
Location: Yamanashi, Japan

Grindhouse @ Trump Room 2014 – pvOne of the most terrifying and admired Halloween parties in Shibuya.
follow the White Rabbit

Camera: BlackMagic Cinema Camera + Canon 5D Mark II
Location: Tokyo, Japan

We are still in Love in my Dreams 2016 – music videoExperimental music video shot in Ikebukuro and Shibuya.
Presented by dos・ing. Artist: LLLL(フォーエル)

Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Camera: Sony a7S II
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Instagram Creators: Ipnot (Instagram) 2018 – documentary
Japanese embroidery artist and Instagram Creator, Ipnot, uses Instagram as a “personal exhibition space” to share her unique take on embroidery with the world. Instagram

Director, Cinematographer
Camera: Canon C300 Mark II
Location: Osaka, Japan

Ford Smart Mobility: Panda Shuttle Bus (PRISM / GTB) 2016 – cm & branded Ford launched a pilot program in Dalian, China, in order to find a way to efficiently use an existing fleet of buses. The Ford Transits can be optimized to help people get around in an efficient and affordable way at all times during the day. Ford Smart Mobility at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Ford

Director, Cinematographer
Camera: Sony a7S II + GoPro Hero4
Location: Dalian, China

Nana Fujimoto, ice hockey player 世界で活躍する女子プロアイスホッケー選手・藤本那菜 (SET Japan /CelebTV) 2015 – documentary & tvShot in Nikkō featuring Nana Fujimoto, a Japanese hockey player who represented her country at the Sochi Olympics, and was named Best Goaltender of the tournament at the 2015 IIHF Women’s World Championships. Strategy SET

Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Camera: Sony FS5 + GoPro Hero4
Location: Tochigi, Japan

Franco Valli, conduttore radiofonico(Rai TV) 2015 – documentary & tvor watch it on Rai TV
Shot in CHIN Radio featuring Franco Valli, one of the most trusted Italian radio hosts outside of Italy. Rai TV

Camera: Sony NXCam FS100
Location: Toronto, Canada

Mind Out Of Space 2016 – music videoor watch it on VEVO
Shot in Tokyo and Nagano. Artist: Ghost u like it i love it

Camera: Sony a7S II + GoPro Hero4
Location: Tokyo and Nagano, Japan

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